Parental Involvement

The University of Southern California is primarily an academic community. As such, the university seeks to maintain an optimal learning environment for your student. To achieve this objective, the university exercises certain disciplinary powers through various policies, rules and regulations. The student judicial process has been established to handle incidents involving inappropriate behavior of students and organizations at USC. This system assists in resolving conflicts and promotes a positive educational community. The goals are to hold students accountable for their behavior, to assist students in understanding the effects of their behavior on the community, to assist students in learning more appropriate behavior and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the entire community.

Your student is presumed to have a clear understanding of these standards and sufficient maturity and concern for the rights of others to value those University goals. We view your student as a maturing adult, capable of making decisions and accepting the consequences of those decisions. If your student is referred to Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards for making a decision which violates the University’s standards, they are expected to candidly discuss their behavior and take responsibility for any misconduct. As a parent you are a useful ally in this mission to protect the standards of the academic community.

In our process, parents are most helpful when they partner with the University’s educational efforts to emphasize their student’s responsibility to live within USC’s policies, rules and regulations. When education alone has not been sufficient for students to live within university standards, parents can partner with our office to help their student take responsibility for their behavior and accept the consequences of their conduct for themselves and the scholarly community. Parental support is a key ingredient in a student’s long term success and students may choose to include a parent in the student judicial process. Except in very limited circumstances, it is the student who notifies the parent about a pending case. If a student decides to include a parent in an adjudication process, this office will be responsive to a parent’s inquiry, but the student must ultimately reply to our meeting request in person and forthrightly participate in our process. Conversations are between the University and students.