Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

How do I report undergraduate student academic integrity violations?

Using the Appendix B: Report of Academic Integrity Violation will ensure that all the necessary information is included in your report. The completed form and copies of supporting documentation should be forwarded to Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS). If you have any questions please contact SJACS at (213) 821-7373 or via email at

What happens if the student withdraws from my class before a violation is reported?

University policy prohibits a student’s withdrawal from a course in which the student has committed or is accused of committing an academic integrity violation. After receiving a report of an academic integrity violation, SJACS will notify the Office of Academic Records and Registrar to block the student’s withdrawal or re-enroll the student, pending the outcome of the case.

What will appear on the student’s academic transcript if the student is found to be responsible for an academic integrity violation?

The only disciplinary outcomes that are noted on a student’s transcript are Suspension from the University, Expulsion from the University, Revocation of Admission, or Revocation of Degree. The “suspension” notation will be removed from the student’s transcript if the student returns and successfully completes their degree at USC.

Grades assigned as a disciplinary outcome are not distinguished on a transcript from grades assigned solely on academic performance.

I submitted a report of an undergraduate student’s academic integrity violation to SJACS. Now what happens?

SJACS will review the report to determine if it is appropriate to file a case against the student. If a case is filed, both the instructor and the dean of your academic unit will be copied on the email notification that is sent to the student informing them of the allegations and student conduct review procedures.  SJACS will meet with the student to discuss the case and give the student the opportunity to share information if the student wishes to be heard on the matter. SJACS may contact you if any additional information is needed before a decision is reached in the case. Note that if the student submits an appeal of the outcome of the case, you may be notified of the action and given the opportunity to respond in writing to the student’s appeal. Once a decision is final (including any appeal that may be submitted), SJACS will send you notification of the outcome along with a form for you to use to replace the student’s missing grade (MG) with a final course grade. Please do not post any grade that was assigned as the result of an academic integrity case by any means other than the use of the Missing Grade form provided to you by SJACS.

Grades are now due but the case in SJACS is still open. What grade should I assign the student?

A mark of “MG” (Missing Grade) should be assigned whenever a grade penalty has been recommended but the matter has not been resolved before grades are due. Once the case has been resolved, SJACS will provide you with a form and instructions to use in assigning the student a final letter grade to replace the MG.

If an undergraduate student is found responsible for an academic integrity violation before final course grades are due, may I submit that student’s grade through the online grading process that I use to submit other students’ grades?

No. You must enter an “MG” (Missing Grade) for the student through the online grading system and use the MG form provided to you by SJACS to submit the student’s  letter grade for the course. All grades assigned as a result of an academic integrity violation must be submitted through the use of the Missing Grade form provided by SJACS.

Can’t I simply handle an academic integrity violation myself and reduce a student’s grade on my own?

All academic integrity issues should be submitted to SJACS to ensure that a student is afforded all of their rights to a “fair process.”  SJACS maintains confidential records of all academic integrity violations at USC. Only SJACS will know whether a student has previously engaged in violations of academic integrity in our community.

Can I report a violation that was discovered after a course grade was posted for the student? 

Yes. You may submit a report within one year of discovering an academic integrity violation.

I still have questions…

Please feel free to contact SJACS at if you have questions or concerns about a student’s conduct or otherwise need assistance in determining the proper course of action to take in responding to possible violations of the Student Conduct Code.