Disciplinary Checks

Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS) receives requests for conduct/disciplinary checks for a variety of reasons.  The University maintains student conduct records separate from all other student records.  Records of student conduct actions are maintained in our office for a period of up to seven years after the most recent student conduct incident, except for students assigned University-wide Sanctions (i.e. suspension, expulsion, revocation of degree or admission, or dismissal from program). All records are maintained confidentially as provided by the University’s policy concerning Student Education Records found in SCampus (Part C, Section 6) for complete details.

SJACS will always report disciplinary records that appear on a transcript (i.e. suspension, expulsion, revocation of degree or admission). This applies to Agency checks, law school, and other certifications. Incidents that result in sanctions other than those listed above will only be released by expressed authority from the student, as they are not formal records.  When the request is from within the USC community, information may be shared.

I have had a case with SJACS.  Will this incident appear on my transcript or academic record?
It depends.  Most violations are not displayed on your academic record, but are maintained in a separate disciplinary record.  Disciplinary files are maintained in the SJACS office for up to seven years.  At the end of the seven years this file is destroyed.  However, if you are suspended, expelled, or your admission or degree is revoked, a permanent notation will appear on your academic record, and your disciplinary file is maintained indefinitely in the SJACS office.  Please see the University Student Education Records Policy in SCampus (Part C, Section 6) for complete details.

I am planning to study abroad with an outside organization (e.g. Semester at Sea) that requires my disciplinary record checked.  What should I do?
Please bring the form and your USC identification to the Student Union 206, Monday – Friday, between 8:30AM – 5PM.  Make sure to sign the waiver release and we will send the completed form to the organization, unless otherwise requested.

I am planning on studying abroad with USC and I have had a case with SJACS.  Will my department check my disciplinary record?
Our office receives requests from USC study abroad programs regarding disciplinary records.  Release of records is permitted without prior consent in certain circumstances.  Examples of valid educational interest include departments reviewing applicants for study abroad programs and Resident Assistant applicants.

I am applying to Law School and need the Law Certification completed.  Where do I go to complete the form?  What if I only need a Dean’s Letter?
Law Certification and Bar Examiners forms are completed by the Office of the Vice President, Division of Student Affairs.  Please call (213) 740-2421 for assistance.

If a Dean’s Letter is needed, please email your request to sjacs@usc.edu stating the nature of the request and contact person, institution and mailing information where the letter needs to be sent.  Please include your contact information, including USC identification number, in your request.

I am applying to Medical / Dental School and need to have a form completed.  What should I do?
Please contact Nathalie Zuletta, Pre-Health Advising, at (213) 740-4844 for assistance with completing form.  Forms may also be dropped off at HNB 120.

I am applying to an Armed Forces program outside the University and they are requesting a disciplinary form be completed.  What should I do?
You may submit your request in person to Student Union 206, Monday – Friday, between 8:30AM – 5PM.  Please bring your identification and signed waiver so we may conduct the disciplinary check.  Please allow 2 weeks for processing and state if you would like the form to be sent directly or held for pick-up.

I am a USC staff member helping a student complete the Common Application for transfer from the University.  How can I check the student’s disciplinary record?
Please email written request to sjacs@usc.edu stating the nature of the request, the name and USC ID of the student.  Your request will be processed and you will receive an emailed response upon completion.

I am a USC staff member and need to check multiple disciplinary records for a University/Department study abroad or host program.  What should I do?
Please email written request to sjacs@usc.edu stating the nature of the request, list of names, including USC ID, and a general time-frame of request completion.  Based on the time of year and case load, requests involving 50 or more students may take up to 3 weeks to complete.

I am an Agent Representative and need to check disciplinary records for a prospective employee.  May I fax the Waiver Form to SJACS?
No, we will need to receive the signed release along with your agency identification via email to sjacs@usc.edu.